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Zero Excuses not to wear protective gloves

Campaign to reduce workplace hand injuries

Hand injuries stop people earning and working - temporarily in most cases but permanenty in some. Yet the vast majority of workplace injuries can be prevented just by wearing the right protective gloves.

New high performance materials

Gloves made with the latest materials perform as well as steel or fiberglass reinforced gloves - but are lighter, more flexible, and keep hands cool.

  • Get the facts and participate in the discussion
  • Improve knowledge and protect workers' hands
  • Safer hands = better, more productive workplaces

Zero Excuses by DSM Dyneema

Zero Excuses empowers safety managers, business owners, and employees to make better hand-protection decisions, and put safety first. 

Visit the Zero Excuses website

Where to buy

Only cut-resistant gloves made with Dyneema® carry the Dyneema® diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find cut-resistant gloves with Dyneema® by clicking the button below.