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Situation-Ready Fabrics

The world’s first Situation-Ready fabrics.

The risk of policing the street is evolving. Officers need to be able to trust their armor system in every situation.

Current fabrics for armor carrier vests aren’t up to the challenge of evolving police work. Now there’s a material for the outer vest made from the same strong and durable technology as the ballistics protection officers trust. Dyneema® Fabric is the next generation armor technology for outer carrier vests. Specifically engineered for law enforcement Dyneema® Fabric is alone in the Situation-Ready category.


Situation-ready fabrics made with Dyneema®


Street proof & rip proof

Dyneema® Fabric is strong enough to resist broken glass and razor wire, and keeps communications, ammunition and equipment tight to the body. No sagging. Now officers can carry what they need with less impact on agility or risk of damage.

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The Safest Body Armor is also the most greenest

Body armor made with Dyneema® offers superior protection. It also outperforms all competing alternatives from an environmental perspective. Find out why, in this infographic.

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