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Anchor Ropes

As offshore operations become more complex and mobile units become bigger, operators need anchor ropes that are strong and secure, yet easy to reposition without disturbing subsea installations or delicate ocean floor environments.

Incredibly strong, lightweight anchor ropes made with Dyneema® SK78, manufactured by our award-winning manufacturing partners, can be positioned and repositioned more easily for greater flexibility and faster, more nimble offshore operations.

Why choose Dyneema®?

Mobile offshore drilling units and barges moving into deeper waters need strong, lightweight anchor ropes that hold even at extreme depths. Anchor ropes with Dyneema® SK78 are lighter, stronger, and safer than steel wire and polyester ropes, cutting repositioning time by 30%.


  • 40% lighter than polyester ropes and they float
  • Less risk of damaging subsea installations and ecologically sensitive areas
  • Longer service life for reduced costs for reduced costs

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We work with our licensed partners to create stronger, safer anchor ropes for all marine vessels, helping the offshore industry to work smarter

Hear more from businesses who choose Dyneema®

“The operation was in the vicinity of pipelines and other subsea assets. In such demanding and precise operations, it might be possible to use steel wire rope with mid-line buoys, but it would have required more installation time. Reeling in the lines made with Dyneema® proved to be an easy job as the material floats.” – Aart van den Hoonaard, Senior Project Manager at Dockwise