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Crane Rope

With loads getting heavier and deadlines tighter, today’s crane operators are constantly facing the challenge of how to increase their productivity.

More and more crane operators are realising the need for a lightweight alternative to steel wire ropes. Our award-winning manufacturing partners are dedicated to making stronger, safer and more efficient crane ropes with Dyneema®, allowing crane operators to handle higher payloads with the same cranes.

Why choose Dyneema®?

Traditional steel ropes are extremely heavy in large quantities, which reduces the maximum lifting capacity for any crane. Ropes with Dyneema® are incredibly lightweight – 80% lighter than steel wire rope at the same strength – which give cranes the potential to handle higher payloads.



  • Fewer rope changes needed due to longer service life
  • Simplified assembly and disassembly of the crane thanks to reduced weight of the rope 
  • They show no stretch during lifting and are torque free
  • They require no lubrication and don’t produce ‘fishhooks’

Find your nearest crane rope supplier

We work with our licensed partners to create stronger, safer lifting solutions, helping crane operators to work smarter.

Hear more from businesses who choose Dyneema®

“We’re looking forward to retrofitting our larger cranes [with Samson K-100 lines made with Dyneema®] when possible. There’s a definite advantage on larger cranes where they swap our equipment more often, going from two lines to one, swapping drums…lower maintenance costs, lower weight – including over-the-road weights – are all a definite benefit.” - Barry Buckman, Viant Fleet Manager