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Deepwater Installation Ropes

Today’s deepwater operations are pushing traditional installation ropes beyond their limits. At depths of 2,000 meters and more, operators need their ropes to be strong, light and easy to handle.

We work with our award-winning manufacturing partners, who are dedicated to making stronger, safer and more efficient deepwater installation solutions with Dyneema®, allowing for deeper applications using the same crane equipment.

Why choose Dyneema®?

Using traditional steel-wire ropes limits deepwater operations, as their self-weight halves a crane’s capacity at 3,000 meters. Ropes with Dyneema® are as strong as steel, but so light they float, so a crane’s capacity is maximised, even at extreme depths.


  • Ropes made with Dyneema® offer incredible strength even at extreme depths, with no self-weight limitations 
  • Safely deploy and retrieve ultra-deepwater installations

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We work with our licensed partners to create stronger, safer deepwater installation ropes, helping the offshore industry to work smarter

Hear more from businesses who choose Dyneema®

“We strongly believe in the future of cranes with fiber rope included – not just because of a CAPEX and OPEX evaluation, but also to further shift the limit of what can be deployed in subsea applications.” – Cees van Veluw, Huisman’s Product Manager Cranes

“We are so confident in the technology and keen to demonstrate the crane’s capabilities, that last year we entered into a programme to build, certify and validate it. I believe that it will be one of the world’s most advanced fibre-rope knuckle-boom cranes that the market has seen.” – Ingvar Apeland, Vice President, Business Development, Advanced Offshore Solutions, MacGregor