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Mooring and Tow Ropes

With increasingly large vessels, tighter port turnarounds and challenging regulatory environments, operators are coming under ever greater pressure to make sure their mooring and towing operations are as quick, safe and smooth as possible.

Our award-winning rope manufacturing partners are dedicated to making durable, strong and safe mooring and towing ropes with Dyneema® SK78 that help the Maritime industry to work smarter.

So you think all HMPE is the same?

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Why choose Dyneema® SK78?

The global trend towards mooring and towing larger vessels means today, ropes are required to have a much higher strength and durability. If equipment isn’t strong, durable or high-performing enough, it can lead to equipment failure, or even worse; severe worker injuries.

  • Dyneema® SK78 lines are light and easy to handle 
  • As strong as steel-wire ropes but less than one-seventh the weight – and they float
  • Used by 75% of all the world’s LNG tankers
  • 30% of the weight of equally strong polyester or nylon lines

We know safety

DSM played a critical role in the development of the Mooring Equipment Guidelines 4 (MEG4). 

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We work with the world’s best rope manufacturers to create stronger, safer mooring and towing solutions, helping the Maritime industry to work smarter 

Hear more from businesses who choose Dyneema®

“After more than six years spent operating in a variety of extreme conditions, the rope continues to perform reliably with minimal maintenance” – Gu Fang, First Mate of the Cosjade Lake

“During these ten years, lines made with Dyneema® fiber have exceeded our expectations by the clear performance over lifetime, efficiency and safety benefits they bring” – Zhao Jin Wen, Vice President of COSCO Shipping Energy