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Secure and reliable Permanent Mooring Ropes

High stiffness and low weight for safe station keeping

With their high stiffness and low weight, permanent mooring ropes with Dyneema® ensure safe station keeping in the deepest waters. And the same properties ensure backup ropes provide the most reliable temporary solution when wire and chain mooring systems need reinforcing.

Offshore mooring and backup you can count on

More and more offshore operators are considering switching from polyester ropes to ropes made with DM20 to anchor their FPSO vessels. Here's why:

  • 30% smaller diameter than equivalent polyester rope
  • 30% stiffer and 70% lighter than equivalent polyester rope
  • More freedom in riser design, planning, and installation

Dyneema® Max Technology is changing the game

Dyneema® Max Technology rewrites the rules on synthetic ropes in deepwater permanent mooring. It features a unique resistance to creep and highly predictable performance that is easy to model. It's why our DM20 fiber sets the standard for permanently mooring FPSO vessels.

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Advanced mooring line tensioning

When a leading FPSO contractor wanted to install a new mooring chain tensioning system, the challenge involved could only be oversome using mooring lines with Dyneema®.

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Mooring line jackets with Dyneema® help secure Aasta Hansteen

Besides creating extremely strong and lightweight ropes, Dyneema® is also used to create abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant mooring line jackets. The Aasta Hansteen Spar oil platform calls for 17 polyester mooring lines with a trawl resistant cover. The lines include a cut-resistant jacket made with Dyneema®

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Riser tethers with Dyneema® ensure secure subsea anchoring

Dyneema® Max Technology is opening the door to new applications with Dyneema® in offshore production. For example, the first FPSO to employ riser tethers made with Dyneema® DM20 is now in production. The riser tethers hold risers and umbilicals in position and connect to subsea production systems. 

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Understanding creep


Predictable creep extends capabilities

Creep has long been a design consideration when specifying synthetic ropes for short and long-term permanent-load mooring. With light-yet-strong Dyneema® Max Technology, there's now a technology that is perfect for making ropes that meet the highest creep demands. Through its exceptionally low and predictable creep characteristics, Dyneema® Max Technology extends the range of applications for Dyneema® to long-term permanently loaded systems. Just as importantly, the elongation is simple to model using our Dyneema® Creep Design Tool. This turns creep into just another design parameter.

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Where to buy

Only permanent mooring ropes made with Dyneema® bear the Dyneema® diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find your permanent mooring ropes with Dyneema® by clicking on one of our official partners, below.