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Verbrugge- Technotex with Dyneema®

Wind farm construction is safer, simpler, lower cost with Dyneema®

The Greater Gabbard wind farm off the UK coast is one of the world’s largest, and will eventually generate 500 megawatts of electricity for the people of London. To provide peak performance in 35-meter seas, the turbines are mounted on top of huge “monopiles”, transferred by barge.

Technotex round slings made with Dyneema®

For lifting the long and heavy monopiles, the operating company turned to ULTRALIFT™ round slings made with Dyneema® fromTechnotex. According to Mattheo Rozemond, responsible for handling the Greater Gabbard monopiles at Verbrugge Zeeland Terminal: “The new slings help our team optimize safety and provide damage-free cargo handling.” For example, four men handle each sling instead of eight for traditional steel wire rope slings.

Auxiliary equipment such as forklift trucks, previously required to move the steel slings, has gone too. The unloading time of a full shipload of monopiles has been reduced by one full day, with a saving in barge rental fee of over €60,000.

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