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Synthetic Link Chains

As cargo gets heavier and deadlines get tighter, today’s crane operators and businesses concerned with lifting and lashing are looking for ways to increase their productivity without compromising safety.

Our award-winning manufacturing partners are dedicated to making stronger, safer and more efficient synthetic link chains with Dyneema®, a major leap forward for lashing and lifting operations, benefitting crews, cargoes and business efficiency.

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How Synthetic Lifting Chains with Dyneema® are made


Why choose Dyneema®?

Certified by DNV-GL, Dyneema® synthetic link chains do everything steel chains and slings can do – only better. They up to 85% lighter than comparable steel link chains, they float on water and one person can handle them for sustained periods of time.

  • Dyneema® chains are easier to handle, position, coil and store saving time and money
  • Easy to shorten and less likely to damage cargo or injure workers
  • Less noise means faster work with clearer communication

Find your nearest synthetic link chain supplier

We work with the world’s best link chain manufacturers to create stronger, safer lifting solutions, helping users to work smarter.  

Lift smarter, faster and safer with synthetic chains with Dyneema®


Hear more from businesses who choose Dyneema®

“I prefer to use Dyneema® because it is so light and quick to use.” – Rik van Wersch, Specialist Driver, Janssen Group

“Using Green Pin Tycan® chains shortened installation and de-installation times by at least 50%... Plus, the low weight and soft feel of the synthetic lashing chain reduces the risk of injuries to riggers and truckers, and the risk of damage to equipment and cargo.” – Krzysztof Blazkowski, Supervisor at ALE