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The reasons why ropes with Dyneema® perform better for longer

Mooring ropes and tow ropes with Dyneema® SK78 sets the performance benchmark. But the industry must also cut costs. They're lighter, stronger, and easier to handle than alternatives. Plus safer and more durable too.

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Dyneema® is both the world’s strongest fiber and the only HMPE fiber scientifically engineered to overcome abrasion, bending fatigue, compression, and creep fatigue. Challenges that are familiar to all users of mooring and tow ropes.

Find out the 4 reasons why ropes with Dyneema® perform better for longer.

Download the white paper "How using mooring ropes made with Dyneema® can increase safety and return on investment for LNG carriers and FSRU vessels".

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Secure the giants of the oceans

Ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 last longer in demanding environments. They're ideal for handling oil and gas tankers, container ships, bulk cargo ships, naval vessels, and cruise ships.

Learn how Dyneema® helps to prevent rope failure

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No incidents in two years with AmSteel®-Blue ropes made with Dyneema®

At what point do you say “Enough!”? For BW Fleet Management (BW FM), that moment came when seven mooring lines failed on a single vessel during a berthing operation in Spain. So it decided to get radical and replace all its jacketed HMPE mooring ropes – with non-jacketed Samson 12-strand single-braid AmSteel®-Blue ropes made with Dyneema®. Problem solved.

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Where to buy ropes made with Dyneema®

Only mooring & tow ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 bear the Dyneema® diamond. Only our licensed partners make them. Find your mooring & tow ropes with Dyneema® by clicking on one of our official partners, below.