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Protecting first responders from today’s advanced threats

Up-armor to protect first responders

Until now armor capable of protecting against more powerful threats, such as those faced during active shooter situations, have been designed to be worn temporarily. This armor can weigh 20lbs or more.

In reality many of these situations can endure for many hours, and the risk to first responders has changed. They have become a target. Heavy armor can make it impossible for first responders to maneuver to perform law enforcement duties and provide critical medical care at the scene.

Experience the new generation of protection

Protect first responders in active shooter situations


Dyneema® next generation armor technology

Dyneema® next generation armor technology is much lighter. Armor made with Dyneema® enables first responder organizations to avoid the choice between protecting personnel adequately and allowing police, firefighters and EMTs to perform their duties.

Dyneema® technologies are used to create every tier of protection. Wearing armor made with Dyneema® technology is always lighter, enabling agility and making it bearable to wear armor for longer periods.

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Body armor explained

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) defines body armor as vests designed to provide ballistic protection for the vital organs in the torso. Dyneema® offers the lightest solution for both soft and hard body armor applications. Lighter armor is more comfortable and increases maneuverability.

Discover how body armor made with Dyneema® works.

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