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Stronger, lighter offshore solutions

Ropes and slings made with Dyneema® are helping offshore operators go deeper and further. Stronger, lighter, thinner, and safer than like-for-like steel wire ropes, they make it possible to open up new fields while reducing operational risks and costs.

Slings made with Dyneema® help ALE’s giant mobile crane set world lifting record

When heavy lifting specialist ALE was specifying the slings for its AL.SK350 crane, it wanted something lightweight, compact and strong. Which led the company to slings made with Dyneema® SK78.

How strong – and the other benefits – ALE would discover during a major FPSO topside installation project in Brazil.

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Hunting for neutrinos with Dyneema®

2.5 kilometers down an ambitious project took place. Dyneema® DM20 provided the perfect tradeoff between strength, drag, and creep-resistance.

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Making light work of a complex float-over

With sensitive subsea structures and a tight deadline, Dockwise needed anchor lines that wouldn't damage anything. And wouldn't break.

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