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Dyneema® Fabrics

Strong, light, comfortable, protective

Dyneema® fabric is available as a flexible composite, denim, hybrid fabric for composite reinforcement, knit and woven. Molecular engineering for the street, stadium, road, backcountry, theater of war, factory, and more.

Dyneema® is the strongest and most durable fiber in the world.

As a fabric, it offers game-changing properties for the sports and lifestyle,
automotive, life protection, and workwear industries.

  • 30% lighter than nylon/ polyester
  • 45% lighter than aramid
  • 15 times stronger than steel

Dyneema® flexible composite fabrics

Dyneema® flexible composite fabrics take strength and durability to new highs. Dyneema® flexible composite fabrics dramatically increase tear, puncture, and abrasion performance dramatically compared with 500D nylon, while cutting weight and reducing bulk.

They can also be tailored and optimized for strength, stretch, and weight, and and for thickness overall and at specific points or along predetermined load paths. The customizable properties of these flexible composite fabrics allow them to be used in numerous applications and industries, ranging from outdoor sports equipment to emergency medical products.

Carbon with Dyneema®

Carbon with Dyneema® is a hybrid of pure carbon and Dyneema® fiber. Carbon fiber is strong, light, and stiff, but it’s also prone to vibration and shattering. Dyneema® is strong and light – plus it damps vibration and resists shattering.

Combine the two and you get a breakthrough material that imagines a new world of applications. 

Discover the possibilities

Denim with Dyneema®

As well as a traditional technical woven fabric, Dyneema® is also available as Denim with Dyneema®. This comes in two forms: as a filament yarn for reinforcement, or with Dyneema® blended into the cotton. Used as a filament reinforcement, Denim with Dyneema® creates much stronger and more durable jeans.

Blending it into the cotton creates a lighter, more comfortable pair of jeans with no sacrifices in strength or durability. The garment performance can be tailored to its intended use - fashion, action sports, or motorcycle wear - by adjusting the amount of Dyneema® fiber it contains.

Denim with Dyneema®

Knits with Dyneema®

Knitted fabrics with Dyneema® are available in various circular and warp knits that are tailored to the specific needs of the final application. Knitted fabrics with Dyneema® are easy to combine with other synthetic or natural yarns.

Single jersey, double jersey, terry, and interlock knit fabrics are all possible, with or without elastomeric yarn. Ideal for shirts and active sportswear. There are also special Raschel warp knit fabrics with Dyneema® available in net constructions for use in liners and athletic footwear.

Wovens with Dyneema®

Rigid and stretch woven fabrics with Dyneema® are ideal for making lightweight but strong outdoor apparel, footwear, and accessories. A broad portfolio of constructions using Dyneema® in the warp, weft or both are available with weight options spanning from 25 gr/m2 to 500 gr/m2 and more.

Coloring is possible using colored companion fibers or Black Dyneema®. Woven fabrics with Dyneema® can also be coated, plus the coating and underlying fabric can be tailored to specific customer specifications.

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