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Dyneema® Max Technology

Light, strong, and creep resistant

Developed for use offshore, mooring ropes with Dyneema® Max Technology outperform the alternatives, surpass industry standards for deep water permanent mooring, and will outlast the operational life of the installation. Seven times stronger than steel wire rope, the fiber also opens the door to other applications where the strengths of Dyneema® are now no longer compromised by a excessive creep.

Ideal for permanent loads in demanding conditions

Dyneema® Max Technology combines the strength/weight advantages of Dyneema® SK78 with outstanding creep resistance. The result is Dyneema® DM20 fiber:


  • Creep resistance increased by a factor of at least 100
  • Highest strength/weight ratio of all high performance fibers
  • Excellent fatigue and chemical resistance

The kind of market and technology challenge we love

One challenge in making an ultra-low-creep UHMWPE fiber is the manufacturing process. This relies on dissolving a polymer powder into a solvent and then spinning and drawing it to create long fibers. The process takes advantage of the agility of the polymer. But this agility remains in the fiber, meaning it can elongate (creep) under permanent load. Mostly, this doesn't matter. Where it does, it is possible to reduce the agility of the fiber, but this makes processing much harder. With Dyneema® Max Technology we've found a way to retain agility during manufacturing while stopping elongation in use.

Typical applications for Dyneema® DM20

Dyneema® Max Technology is designed for use in permanently loaded applications in which creep is a consideration. Typically these include offshore deep water mooring lines, standing rigging, guys and stays, and webbings.

Designing with HMPE's Creep Property

HMPE fiber is sensitive to long-term static loads and will elongate proportionally with time. This phenomenon is known as creep, and is a process in which the long molecular chains slide along each other. Ever since the commercialization of our HMPE fiber back in the 1990s, DSM Dyneema has recognized the importance of creep in customer applications.

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