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Volkswagen chooses EcoPaXX for crankshaft covers

KACO and DSM joined forces to deliver the next generation crank shaft covers: A tough, lightweight and bio-based component - made from our innovative EcoPaXX™ polyamide 410 – that will help cut fuel and carbon emissions… 
Crankshaft cover made from EcoPaXX held in hand

The new crankshaft covers will be used for Volkswagen’s new MDB modular platform for diesel engines across its Audi, Seat, Škoda, and VW brands. Systems costs are far less than with aluminum covers – as is weight. In fact EcoPaXX grade is 45% lighter, which means less fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

However, KACO, the tier 1 developing the new component, didn’t just choose EcoPaXX for its reduced weight. The material also has very good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures along with excellent toughness. And all this while being 70% bio-based: EcoPaXX is made principally from topical castor beans and is 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate.


The crankshaft cover is a perfect example of how materials, design, and application knowledge can converge to create something greater than the sum of the parts.

In production, KACO uses a highly-energy efficient production cell to not only mold the crank shaft cover, but also integrate two separate seals: the first is placed into the mold by a robot and EcoPaXX is then overmolded onto it. The second is then molded directly into the part using a 2K process.

The results: Yet more reduced energy used during production - as well as zero material waste