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Hitting high performance with EcoPaXX

Leading systems supplier Dytech-Dynamic Fluid Technologies (DDFT) needed a special material for two very special customers: Maserati and Ferrari. Which is why it chose our halogen-free, flame retardant EcoPaXX™ polyamide 410 for its new generation of fuel vapor separators…

The fuel vapor separator performs the key task of preventing liquid fuel from contaminating the vehicle’s fuel vapor canister and thus reaching the atmosphere. It therefore needs to be highly resistant to gasoline and heat as well as delivering outstanding impact and fatigue performance.

Dytech specified EcoPaXX for this key application after extensive testing, including outstanding scores In the SHED (Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination) test. The material also has a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating at 0.7 mm with a Maximum Continuous Use Temperature of 175°C.

EcoPaXX: The ‘green’ gold standard

However, high performance is only half the EcoPaXX story. With increasing pressure on the industry to meet consumer (and legislative demand) for greener vehicles, this biobased material is the gold standard in sustainable plastics.

Made primarily from tropical castor beans that don’t compete with the food chain, EcoPaXX is certified 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate – which makes it far more sustainable than traditional materials.

For Maserati and Ferrari it all adds up to a roaring success.