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Peak performance: A lightweight material for a cutting edge mountaineering shoe

A new generation of lightweight mountaineering shoes from industry leader Salomon has been created using our bio-based EcoPaXX® polymer. The result: A new kind of mountaineering shoe with an ideal combination of strength and flexibility…

mountaneering shoe

Three models of Salomon’s new X Alp range of mountaineering shoes (X Alp GTX, X Alp MTN GTX and X Alp PRO GTX) feature a special plate built into the sole called an Edging Chassis. The aim of this design innovation is to give the user maximum safety, agility, support and performance from their shoe, through the combination of two opposites properties: Flexibility and stiffness.

EcoPaXX delivered the mechanical performance and toughness required to perform in the extreme wet and cold of a mountain environment. Furthermore, its outstanding flow properties make EcoPaXX the perfect material for the intricate injection molding processes needed to design this new generation of mountain shoe – at minimum cost.

A Greener, lightweight mountaineering shoe

EcoPaXX is not only light, tough and flexible…it’s bio-based. The material is derived chiefly from tropical castor beans and certified 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate - a key consideration among an increasingly  ‘green’ of consumers who love the great outdoors and want to preserve the planet.