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EcoPaXX for snowboard bindings: The ultimate in ‘cool’

Snowboard bindings need to deliver high performance in the cold. They also need to be cool – in every sense of the word. Which these days means looking good, but also being kinder to the planet. Which is why EcoPaXX© has been chosen by one of the industry’s biggest names as the performance material for this critical application: Cool in every sense of the word.
Jumping snowboarder

The EcoPaXX-based snowboard bindings will be produced by Amer Sports for the well-known Salomon brand.

For an organization striving to continually introduce new and technologically advanced materials that meet the needs of end-users … EcoPaXX is the natural choice.

This unique polyamide 410 provides outstanding performance and reliability (especially low moisture absorption) in the harshest of climates comparable to polyamide 6 and 66.

Yet it’s 70% bio-based…

Green and good looking

EcoPaXX is derived chiefly from tropical castor beans and certified 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate:

A key consideration among an increasingly ‘green’ generation of boarders and skiers – as well as manufacturers being asked to provide Life Cycle Analyses.

And for all those people striving to look stylish on the slopes EcoPaXX offers one final important benefit. It looks and feels beautiful.