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Handling the water pressure: EcoPaXX for faucet mixing valves

Our bio-based EcoPaXX® polymer Q-DWX10 is ideal for metal replacement in water faucet mixing valves. In fact, major customers are now using the material for this most critical of applications (which helps control water temperature and pressure). 


So why exactly are OEMs turning to this unique polymer for faucet mixing valves and cartridges.

When it comes to metal replacement in water faucet mixing valves, EcoPaXX reduces water leakage thanks to its hydrolytic and dimensional stability, superior toughness and improved bonding strength.

Furthermore, water faucet mixing valves made with EcoPaXX have a reduced carbon footprint of some 30% compared to benchmark materials, along with easy processing, thanks to the material’s excellent flow.

EcoPaXX for mixing valves: Safe – and green

Not only does EcoPaXX comply with all major certifications (including NSF61, KTW, W270, WRAS and ACS),

It’s certified 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate: A key consideration for manufacturers increasingly being asked to provide Life Cycle Analyses.

Download our Factsheet to learn more about this unique material for drinking water contact applications like faucet mixing valves.