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A greener choice for motoring

EcoPaXX® is well suited to a wide range of automotive applications. Its combination of strength and stiffness, along with chemical and high heat resistance makes it especially ideal for demanding Under-the-Hood components and safety applications.

The automotive industry is moving relentlessly towards a greener approach – from reducing fuel consumption, friction, and ultimately carbon emissions, to replacing petroleum altogether (through electric cars for example).

At DSM, our materials are helping to make all these goals a reality – but with EcoPaXX we’re bringing a new dimension to green motoring in the form of a bio-based material that is truly sustainable. Not only that, but its impressive blend of properties enable EcoPaXX to compete with (and in some cases surpass) not only metals but other plastics - including PA6, PA66, PPAs, and also PA12 and PA612.


EcoPaXX is mainly used in Under-the-Hood applications like engine covers for turbo engines (thanks to its high heat resistance of up to 230°C).

It’s also ideal for dimensionally stable crankshaft covers, fuel line connectors, cooling system applications - including radiator endcaps, thermostat housings, and cooling tubes - as well as automotive E-connectors, thanks to an excellenct combination of stiffness, toughness and heat resistance.

EcoPaXX can even be used successfully for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue) systems.