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The perfect (green) package

EcoPaXX® is very well suited for making thin, strong transparent films. These films have high puncture resistance and high barrier for oxygen and carbon dioxide gas. They can be advantageously employed for all kinds of packaging.
Woman tasting an apple and holding a package with fresh fruit

Hydrolysis resistance makes the films very suitable for steam-sterilizable packaging. Also technical films are feasible because of the chemical and high heat resistance of EcoPaXX.

EcoPaXX can also be extruded into monofaments and multifilament yarns. The monofilaments can be used for paper-making cloth and specialty brushes, while the multifilament yarns find their application as technical yarns in reinforced rubber goods and ropes and nets. Multifilament yarn of EcoPaXX can also be used as textile or carpet yarns.

If you have an application that could benefit from EcoPaXX…why not get in touch?