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Fast and easy processing

EcoPaXX® is extremely easy to work with and can be processed on standard injection-molding and extrusion machines. The intrinsic fast crystallization of EcoPaXX grades help ensure short injection-molding cycle times while its higher thermal stability in the melt gives you a broad processing window with excellent flow characteristics.

Typical processing temperatures for unfilled EcoPaXX grades are 270 to 300 °C; and for reinforced grades for 280 to 310 °C. In extrusion, meanwhile, we recommend temperature settings between 260 and 280 °C (in many cases a reversed temperature profile may be favorable).

EcoPaXX can be used with a wide range of tool temperatures (60 to 100 °C / 140 to 212 °F). We recommend a low mold temperature for parts with thick walls; and a high mold temperature for good dimensional stability, flow properties and surface aesthetics.

Processing guidelines

Processing guidelines can be found in the product data sheets section (check the ‘Description’ tabsheet).