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Our company is a joint venture of DSM and Niaga. Two technology and science driven enterprises with big dreams and a strong shared belief:

'That taking ownership for our planet is not ‘other people’s’ responsibility. It is ours, yours – in fact it is everyone’s.'

To make a real difference in our world, we decided to join forces in 2014. From the beginning our mission is clear: to keep materials alive. Again and again. So they never have to go to waste.

The first domain we want to change is the carpet industry. Not only because that’s where our founders have their roots. But also because a revolution in making carpets has a huge impact on our personal environment.

Traditional carpets create a massive amount of waste that end up in landfill or incineration. With Niaga® that is a thing of the past, so in fact, we believe that a carpet made with Niaga® Technology is a true gift for you, your children and other living beings on our planet.