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At Niaga - the word again spelled backwards - we redesign every day products from scratch. Our aim is to make products fully recyclable in an easy and affordable way, without compromising on quality or price. Carpet was the first product we redesigned, and today we offer our carpet manufacturing technologies to make carpet that can be fully recycled back into new carpet. Again and again.



The first product Niaga® took on to redesign is carpet. We chose carpets because they’re used around the world in massive volume, and are one of the biggest contributors to landfill waste. After developing the right technology for the production of high quality mono and duo-material carpets, we now sell machines and adhesives for the flooring industry.

Mohawk's new Air.O is the first product made with Niaga® Technology that has been launched.

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More products to redesign

The world is full of products that could use a drastic simplification. If there’s any product in particular that you’d like to see us redesign, don’t hesitate to let us know about it! We’d love to hear from you.

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