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Innovation and performance

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DSM is a world leader in nutritional fortification

DSM is the only producer who can supply the complete range of vitamins and carotenoids in the most suitable forms for all possible human and animal uses.

DSM has established leadership positions across all three areas of the ingredients business: food, feed and personal care. It is the world’s largest producer of vitamins. DSM is working from its strong basis as a global market leader in key value-added ingredients offered through an international infrastructure and reach unequaled by any competitor.

DSM is uniquely involved in all three main steps of the value chain: the production of pure active ingredients, their incorporation into sophisticated forms, and the provision of tailored premixes. Being the only fully integrated player allows DSM to differentiate itself all the way through the chain.

Managing the interdependencies between active ingredients, forms and premixes, which have important implications for innovation, logistics, and value delivery, is a core competence of DSM.

Innovation is a survival skill. DSM fosters this skill to the benefit of both the customers’ future and that of the company. Lateral thinking and innovative attitudes are valuable tools with which to secure that future. These lead to discoveries that DSM then links to customers’ needs, extending the range of offering and creating new business opportunities.

Starting in 1935 with the chemical synthesis of vitamin C, Roche had always been a pioneer in the industrial synthesis of vitamins and carotenoids. Today DSM’s Nutrition cluster, which includes DSM Nutritional Products, maintains this tradition and invests more than 5% of its sales value in R&D, which is significantly higher than peers in the industry. DSM’s Research & Development activities are concentrated in the regions of Switzerland, the Netherlands, China and the United States in six Research Centers: Human Nutrition & Health, Animal Nutrition & Health, Personal Care, Process Research and Development, Product Form Development and Analytics.

With over 10 large production sites (excluding premix) in Europe, the United States and China, six R&D centers in Europe and China, over 45 premix plants for animal or human nutrition and over 40 sales offices across the globe, DSM is never far away from its customers and can make products in response to specific customer needs.


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Working for a changing world.


DSM Nutritional Products

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Providing innovative products and concepts.