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Unlocking human potential
Fortified staple food one-pager


One-pager on fortified staple food - A simple, safe, effective way to add essential micronutrients to food

Fortified kernels one-pager


One-pager on fortified kernels - Making rice more nutritious

Micronutrient powders one-pager


One-pager on micronutrient powders - Supporting optimal nutrition in young children for brighter futures

Micronutrient supplements one-pager


One-pager on micronutrient supplements - Filling micronutrient gaps in the diet for optimal health

Micronutrient blends for emergency and therapeutic foods one-pager


One-pager on micronutrient blends for emergency and therapeutic foods - Providing vital nutrition for those most in need

The role of rice fortification in improving public health
Combating national malnutrition issues through staple food fortification
Micronutrient Powders Brochure


NutriRice™ (1.38 MB)


Staple food fortification to improve public health


Liberando el potencial humano


Liberando el potencial humano (5.51 MB)




Liberando o potencial humano