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Fortification basics

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Fortification Basics is a joint effort of the USAID Micronutrient Programs (OMNI, MOST) and DSM Nutritional Products. The series is intended to provide in a nutshell the key issues about the fortification of staple foods to policy makers, academia, industry, and all parties involved in the elimination of micronutrient


Choosing a vehicle

Criteria for the selection of a food as a micronutrient intervention tool.

Principles of Assay Procedures

Overview of basic methods for the determination of micronutrients in fortified foods.


General information on the stability of micronutrients, influencing factors and overages needed to compensate losses in specific food vehicles.

Specific Food Vehicles

Rationale, criteria, and technology for fortification. Stability of micronutrients, quality control, fortification costs, regulatory issues and experiences of successful fortification.