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The Quality is Essential Initiative (QiE)

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The initiative seeks to raise awareness of quality as a critical driver for effective food fortification as well as to provide tools to help stakeholders design and implement quality programs.

Food fortification is generally recognized as one of the most cost effective strategies to improve nutrition. Cost effectiveness is not just about delivering the least cost fortified foods. It’s about delivering the best overall value. And value means providing effective nutrition protection as well as low cost.

A key objective of QiE is to establish the scientific and technical rationale for choosing the best-value food-vehicles, ingredients, micronutrient premixes and other program components. The QiE initiative intends to be the starting point for a wider «Global Quality Initiative» that will bring together all parties interested in maximizing the success of food fortification programs and achieving real nutrition improvement.

The key tasks

Supporting scientific review and analysis along with technical workshops and consultations to stimulate dialogue to clearly define the elements of quality in fortification programs;

Publication and dissemination of communications materials to ensure wide awareness of essential quality practices and perspectives;

Building consensus of public and private stakeholders on best practices that can ensure quality of technical, programmatic and other inputs to fortification programs;

Developing collaborative public-private mechanisms to implement best practices in the supply of technical inputs to fortification programs.

Food fortification

Interventions to improve nutrition such as food fortification are generally recognized as among the most effective ways to improve survival, health and the quality of life.

However, due to the quality of program design and implementation, these programs often fail to deliver the intended benefit. As fortified foods are made more widely available, expanding access to system-wide quality approaches will be as critical as providing affordable vitamin and mineral fortificants. The Quality is Essential Initiative seeks to establish the necessary rationale and dialogue that will maximize chances for success.

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Quality for Life™

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Quality is Essential (QiE) is an initiative of DSM's Quality for Life™ and the Nutrition Improvement Program to increase awareness on the critical importance of quality in nutrition program effectiveness. More>