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Our global team of experts works to eliminate hidden hunger by developing tailor-made solutions that meet the specific nutritional requirements of a target population.

Benefitting from the expertise, experience and resources of DSM’s Nutritional Products division, NIP is fully equipped to support effective nutrition intervention programs of all kinds anywhere in the world.

The Nutrition Improvement Program is entirely focused on raising awareness of hidden hunger and its consequences, and providing solutions:

  • NIP supports the importance of public awareness and education programs, because without the acceptance and understanding of the public, any intervention is at risk of failing;
  • We believe that for optimum impact the top priority is effectiveness delivering the adequate amounts of micronutrients in the best possible formulation, then monitoring interventions and making necessary adjustments to improve efficacy;
  • We know that quality is a critical driver for effectiveness. This is why we initiated the Quality is Essential Initiative (QiE) initiative to establish the scientific and technical rationale for choosing the best-value food vehicles, ingredients, micronutrient blends and other program components.

Backed by the scientific and business resources of the global DSM corporation, NIP has the flexibility to respond quickly and sensitively to feedback from our partners and develop tailor-made products that are:

  • Nutritious
  • Filling
  • Safe
  • Aspirational
  • Affordable
  • Available
  • Trusted and
  • Meet the taste of the population

Our team consists not only of food scientists, technologists and engineers, but also includes marketing and communications experts, as well as public health and regulations experts. We have competent and experienced regional managers around the globe in Africa, China, India, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America.

We do not stand alone:

  • Through the scientists at DSM, we have links to local and global scientific communities and key opinion leaders. We use insights of scientific research on effectiveness of nutrition interventions to develop new products and solutions;
  • Through fortification alliances, NIP is involved in the design and implementation of regulatory frameworks for food fortification;
  • NIP engages with governments and organizations to ensure that nutrition remains high on their agendas. We advocate for effective solutions that reach target populations, providing them with all micronutrients lacking in their diet.

Governments, organizations and the private sector know that it will only be possible to create sustainable solutions with measureable results if we work together, understanding and learning from each other. Joining forces with the right partners is essential if we are to achieve ambitious goals like the elimination of hidden hunger.

NIP has established alliances and partnerships with many key international and national stakeholders.