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Why Novamid ID

We are introducing our first grade Novamid ID for 3D printing. Novamid ID is a high quality PA6 used in Automotive and Electronics for many years. A very ductile and strong polymer suitable for harsh environments (under the bonnet) and at high temperatures (150 degrees Celsius).
3d printing

With this first step into the 3D market we experienced that this material can be used in a lot of applications. To improve  the printing quality of Novamid ID even further, we are curious to find out in which applications you have used Novamid ID and how it performed regarding printing behavior and material characteristics.

Material properties

Excellent strength and toughness compared to current 3D printing materials. The high crystallinity of the polymer allows designs with overhangs since the bridging performance is unique for Novamid ID.


Excellent layer-to-layer adhesion, compared to ABS, PLA and other PA’s in the 3D printing market.