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Quality Management

We know how drastic the impact of inferior quality can be (even the potential of product recall can have severe financial consequences). Which is why we are committed to meeting our customers’ need for product and service quality – every day.

Our prime objectives are to satisfy our customers in terms of quality, delivery and service; to maintain excellent customer relations; to ensure quality of our products is fit for intended use; and to keep improving our quality performance and the value we bring.

To achieve these goals we use a range of internationally recognized quality systems and features alongside our own internal standards and controls – including ISO 9001:2000 certification worldwide including the following elements.

  • GMP Regulations: Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) are standard guidelines set out by regulators to ensure that production is carried out using safe and reliable processes, to avoid contamination, and to ensure repeatability. The European guideline for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients is ICH Q7A.
  • HACCP plans: HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) includes identifying Critical Control Points (CCP); establishing critical limits for each point; monitoring their requirements; using the data gathered to effectively control processes; taking corrective action; and maintaining record keeping and verification.
  • The effectiveness of the DSM Quality System is regularly monitored through Quality and GMP audits conducted by trained auditors. We have held ISO 9001:2000 certification and ISO 14001:1996 since 2003, while our FEMAS certification has been in place since 2004 and FAMI-QS since 2005. Our auditing procedures also cover the areas of Change Control, Control of Glass and Hygiene Policy, as well as the Quality Manual. On the basis of these regular audits, we can confirm that our vitamin C scores at the high end of the standards required by global pharmacopoeias.
  • These audits are complemented by the regular audits successfully conducted on site by our customers - who also apply internationally recognized quality standards. We are therefore able to deliver full quality control, full quality assurance, consistent quality across all products forms, and products that are best-in-class in terms of their food safety profile.