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Can you rely on your vitamin C supply chain? Our customers can. In fact, as the world’s leading provider of vitamins we have stood for supplier reliability for more than 75 years…
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With our plant located in the green hills of Scotland, we are the only western vitamin C producer and we offer the most complete and trustworthy range of pure vitamin C forms worldwide.

QUALI®-C has the reliability you demand: We deliver what we promise based on the flexibility of our vitamin C supply chain and our global and local support network.

Security of supply

We know that for customers, it’s not only quality of product that counts, but also reliability of supply.

We use an integrated supply-chain approach to manage every phase of production and delivery and therefore guarantee consistent and timely supply.

Our just-in-time delivery scheduling is complemented by an advanced distribution system and a highly sophisticated distribution network. Taken together, they offer our customers the flexibility they need to effectively manage their own production and distribution schedules.