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Is your vitamin C produced sustainably? For DSM’s customers the answer is always yes. 
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We are convinced that we cannot succeed in a world that fails, which is why we work hard to improve the efficacy of food and pharmaceutical production at all levels of the industry and specially for Quali®-C produced at our Dalry facility in Scotland.

We’re committed to delivering value to all our stakeholders in a sustainable, transparent way as evidenced by our position at or near the top of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the last few years. To us, being sustainable means simultaneously creating value along three dimensions: Social, economic and environmental (Or people, planet and profit). It’s why our site in Dalry was the first vitamin manufacturing plant to be awarded Carbon Trust* certification.


We can guarantee GMO-free starter materials, as well as in the final product. 

Our production processes are based on state of the art SHE (safety, health and environment) requirements; our plant uses a combination of gas and electricity (reducing energy loading); and our process effluents are highly biodegradable, minimizing the effect on the environment.

We capture and recycle solvents used in production, while sulphate effluents are recycled to the detergent and glass manufacturing industries. Even our sugar waste stream is recovered and used in animal feed. 

Meanwhile, around 45% of our bulk raw materials arrive by rail, further minimizing environmental impact. Our total production discharge is classified as ‘not significant’ by the relevant regulatory authorities; and we are backwards and forward integrated, controlling all aspects of production. In fact we have implemented ‘six sigma’ in all our production sites which has made production more consistent, improved preventative maintenance and reduced environmental impact.

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