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Do you know what’s in your vitamin C? DSM customers do. We know how much traceability means to food producers (especially since the GMO issue).
Dirt track through a field disappearing into the distance on a beautiful summer’s day

Our plant located in the green hills of Scotland offers the most complete and trustworthy range of pure vitamin C forms worldwide. We can guarantee GMO-free starting materials and final product.

QUALI®-C branded vitamin C stands for consistent and reliable traceability to serve both your regulatory and consumer requirements. You can trust your health ingredients’ traceability thanks to our proven production process, advanced control systems and reliable suppliers. As a DSM customer, you know where your vitamin C comes from.

Great expectations

With the quality expectations of regulators, customers and consumers constantly on the rise, product traceability is critical.

Thanks to our production process and reliable suppliers, we can certify that the vitamin C manufactured in Dalry is made from glucose originating from European non-GMO cornfields.

In fact our advanced IT systems provide full traceability of everything from raw materials to finished products, which not only enables smooth operations but also means that our customers can fully rely on us on the off chance of something going wrong. We can produce full and accurate documentation in the event of food scares, concerns about possible contamination, and other incidents. Armed with the facts, our customers can take the necessary steps to meet their obligations and protect their business interests.

We even run routine forward and backward traceability exercises to quickly identify the raw materials used for production of specific batches of ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate.