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Dietary sources

Vitamin C is widely present in fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits, blackcurrants, peppers, green vegetables (e.g. broccoli, Brussels sprouts) and soft fruits such as strawberries, guava, mango and kiwi are particularly rich dietary food sources of vitamin C. On a quantity basis, the intake of potatoes, cabbage, spinach and tomatoes is also of importance. Depending on the season, one medium-sized glass of freshly pressed orange juice (i.e. 100g) yields from 15 to 35 mg vitamin C.
Mix of citrus fruits

Table: Food sources of vitamin C

Food mg/100g
Acerola  1600
Blackcurrant  200
Pepper  138
Broccoli  115
Fennel  95
Kiwi  71
Strawberry  64