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Health benefit solutions

Did you know that the average Filipino can suffer from either being overweight or underweight? Statistics show that 26.7% of Filipino children ages 6–10 years old are underweight while 1.3% is overweight. Among Filipino teenagers ages 11-10 years old, 15.5% are underweight and 3.5% are overweight, while 12.3% of Filipino adults are undernourished and 23.9% are overweight to obese.

With these statistics in mind, our goal is to help the Filipino family’s health related problems. This is why now more than ever, wherever we are, we care about healthy living. With our nutritional products and services that adhere to global safety and quality standards, our aim is to deliver ingredients that benefit you and your loved ones. Our broad portfolio of innovative, high-quality nutrients is designed to help you meet your health and wellness goals for a better life.

Source: The 6th national nutrition survey results
(The 2nd Dr. Conrado Pascual Memorial Lecture)

Young man drinking water at gym

Guard your heart

Rely on us to help protect your heart and take the pressure off. More>


Young woman lifting weights

Shape your body

Our natural ingredients will help you achieve the balancing act of weight management. More>


Old man helping his wife in the gym

Defy your age

We provide a family of solutions that can support the aging consumer’s healthy lifestyle. More>


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Optimize your immunity

Our know-how helps strengthen your body’s natural defenses. Our nutritional support is our way of making sure the immune system gets the ingredients it needs to maintain its defensive role. More>

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Strengthen your bones

We offer several solutions for building bone strength. More>

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