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Defy your age

We provide a family of solutions that can support the aging consumer’s healthy lifestyle.
Senior man helping his wife in the gym

With the prevalence of hypertension remaining high among Filipino adults ages 50-70 years old, our goal is to provide multivitamins that can help you function and add more life to your years.

Good nutrition boosts cognition and mental performance, from infants to seniors. Aging affects everyone, but healthy aging is all about keeping the body running smoothly, maintaining mental performance, and staying active to get the most out of life.

We want longer life for you.

We do this by keeping the body running smoothly, maintaining a healthy heart, prolonging life itself, maintaining mobility and sustaining mental performance, all through our multivitamins.

Ingredient Function for healthy aging
Quali®-A (Vitamin A) Supports the immune system
Quali®-B (Vitamin B6) Needed to form red blood cells
Quali®-B (Vitamin B12) Keeps red blood cells and nerves healthy
Quali®-B (Folate) Needed for cell growth
Quali®-C (Vitamin C) Antioxidant
Quali®-D (Vitamin D) Supports bone health and mobility
Quali®-E (Vitamin E) Antioxidant
Quali®-Carotene (?-Carotene) Antioxidant, supports cognition
floraGLO®** (Lutein) Antioxidant, supports cognition
Iron Component of hemoglobin in blood
Calcium Primary bone mineral
resVida® (Resveratrol) Antioxidant, regulates aging-related genes
i-flex® rosehip powder Anti-oxidant. Reduces inflammation and increases mobility
ROPUFA®/life’sDHA™ (Omega-3 LC PUFA) Reduces triglycerides to support heart health

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