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Guard your heart

Rely on us to help protect your heart and take the pressure off.
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Heart and blood vessel malfunction doesn’t happen overnight; it builds from years of damage to the heart muscle and arteries.

Prevention is the key to keeping the heart free of problems. A healthy, active lifestyle is the first step to cardiovascular fitness. Add effective weight management and good nutrition, and up to 80 percent of cardiac risk can be prevented.

A healthy heart means a healthy life. Currently, heart health is one of the biggest concerns worldwide. Nutritional ingredients help maintain heart health, enabling you to continue your active lifestyle as you grow older.

Ingredient Function for heart health
Quali®-C (Vitamin C) Antioxidant; regenerates vitamin E
Quali®-E (Vitamin E) Antioxidant; can help to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol
Quali®-B (Vitamins B2,B6, B12, folate (B9)) Can help lower homocysteine levels, a CVD risk factor
Quali®-D (Vitamin D) Low blood concentrates of vitamin D correlate with an increased risk of CVD, in particular hypertension
Nutritional lipids
Omega-3 LC PUFA

Helps to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Helps to lower triglyceride levels and maintain a healthy heart function.

  • life’sDHA™ (Omega-3 LC PUFA): Vegetarian, fish-free source of DHA. Derived from algae.
  • ROPUFA® (Omega-3 LC PUFA): High quality fish oil
All-Q® (Coenzyme Q10) Cell energy generation, particularly in heart cells
Fruitflow® Helps to maintain a healthy blood flow. European Union health claim: Helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow
resVida® (Resveratrol) Helps to improve endothelial function
Redivivo® (Lycopene) Antioxidant; reduces oxidation of LDL-cholesterol
Teavigo® (EGCG) Contributes to a healthy blood flow
Magnesium Role in cardiac and vascular smooth muscle function
Potassium Influences osmotic balance and muscle contraction

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