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Shape your body

Our natural ingredients will help you achieve the balancing act of weight management.
Young woman lifting weights

We understand that weight management is a very personal issue that affects everyone. Maintaining a healthy weight often appears elusive. Popular magic bullet solutions offer only false hope of lasting weight loss, and drastic or extreme dieting is difficult to follow through in the long run. Small successes are the only way to make the lifestyle changes needed to achieve and sustain a healthy weight.

Weight management may be an issue for you with huge implications for quality of life, health care costs, and productivity. A pro-active, balanced approach to maintaining a healthy weight is the only way to go. Our products, at DSM, help you to actively manage weight in a responsible and sustainable way.

Ingredients Function for weight management
Quali®-D (Vitamin D) Helps maintain muscle mass, role in fat cell building
Multivitamins and mineral mix Assures sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals, especially under reduced food intake conditions
Calcium Increases fat excretion and may lower body weight
Fabuless® (Vegetable oil emulsion) Calorie reduction through the body’s natural appetite control mechanism helps reduce weight regain and body mass fat
Teavigo® (Green Tea Extract /EGTC) Enhanced metabolism
Nutritional Lipids
ROPUFA®/life’sDHA™ (Omega-3 LC PUFA) May affect appetite control

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