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Strengthen your bones

We offer several solutions for building bone strength.
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You may have heard of osteoporosis. It’s often called the ‘silent thief’ because it can develop with no symptoms – causing gradual weakening of the bones, leading to fractures, immobility and a terrible quality of life for many sufferers. If you gave osteoporosis or may know someone who has this, we can help by prevent and stop this.

One of the keys to prevent osteoporosis and poor bone health is through good nutrition. After all, strong bones mean strong business. We have specific nutritional solutions, vitamins and minerals that can help enhance your bone structure.

Ingredients Function for bone health
Quali®-B (Vitamin B6, B12, folic acid) Co-factor in the cross-linking of collagen chains in the bone matrix can reduce homocysteine levels, a risk factor in osteoporosis
Quali®-C (Vitamin C) Necessary for collagen synthesis in bone structure
Quali®-D (Vitamin D3) Essential for calcium absorption; maintains neuromuscular function
Quali®-K (VitaminK1) Helps activate bone proteins that function in bone mineralization
geniVida® (Genistein) Improves BMD by modulating bone remodeling
Nutritional lipids
ROPUFA®/life’sDHA™ (Omega-3 LC PUFA) Anti-inflammatory action modulates bone remodeling
Calcium Primary mineral in bone; absorption facilitated by vitamin D
Protein Needed to renew and build muscle protein and retain calcium
Phosphorus / Phosphate Major component of the bone matrix
Magnesium Bone matrix constituent, maintains calcium homeostasis
Zinc Bone matrix constituent

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