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Quality for Life™

Royal DSM created Quality for Life as our seal of excellence. DSM’s Quali®-Blends premixes and Quali® vitamins are used in many of the world’s leading brands ― including in the Philippines ― enhancing health and wellness, and helping to improve quality of life for all.

Spot the Quali Brand logo and you can be assured that the ingredients are:

  • are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a safe and sustainable way;
  • can be relied upon to deliver the health benefits you are looking for; and
  • are traceable throughout the supply chain from where they are produced to where they are added to the foods, beverages and dietary supplements you consume.

It is our intention to give you, the consumer, peace of mind that we take every effort to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Quality for Life means quality for you.

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FERN-D, including Quali®-D

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