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Safety for the entire family

Being a mom to two growing boys is definitely no joke. From school assignments to soccer practice, computer games to the latest musical acts, the entire week is one adventure after another. Ana, a 34-year old mother of two, tries her best to give her kids all the support and guidance they need. One of the most important ways she does this is by making sure they get proper nutrition.
Mother and son

When she was growing up, Ana never really worried about what she ate. Fish Balls, balut, and ‘dirty’ ice cream were all part of her childhood memories.

Sadly, those days have changed. Nowadays, food contamination is such a big threat that even big-named brands are affected. Products like infant formulas, canned goods and fresh produce have all been marred by the threat of contamination. That is why now, more than ever, Ana is conscious of what she buys and gives to her kids.

Guaranteed Products

By providing them with products that not only taste good, but are guaranteed safe, Ana can rest assured that they grow up strong, alert and with enough energy to do the things they want.

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