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Health as a way of life

The demands of the workplace are changing. After graduation, Allan, 27, landed the normal 9-5 job schedule. It was alright for a few years but the pay wasn’t very good, so he started scouting around for another job.
Call center agent

Fortunately, Allan was able to land a good post in a busy call center. As you can imagine, the pace is pretty hectic. The work itself, handling a foreign account, is great.

Allan also enjoys the company of the people he works with. In fact, the only thing that really bogs him down is his shift. From the normal 9-5, he now goes to work from 8:30 PM to 5:30 AM. Even though he gets the same number of hours’ rest, a good night’s sleep is something he hasn’t had in a long time

Daily habits

Recently, Allan read that the time at which you sleep (usually at night) is as important as the number of hours you sleep. Going to sleep during the evening is naturally more relaxing than if doing so during the daytime.

Realizing that his work schedule is not exactly conducive to his health, Allan became more conscious of his daily habits. He now makes it a point to exercise regularly, eat healthy and take the proper supplements to help his body cope.

Because of this renewed sense of purpose, Allan reads up all the materials on health he can get his hands on. In doing so, one of the most important things he has discovered is that not all ingredients and vitamins are the same. Choosing good products and making sure that the ingredients you take are of good quality ensures you that your nutritional and health needs are met to keep you physically healthy and mentally sharp.

Overcoming challenges

The nature of Allan’s work now is extremely sedentary. But by making an effort to offset this inactivity with healthy habits, he is confident that he can overcome the challenges of working nights and even improve his physique, and develop his mind as well.

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