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Better performance through health

The dream of every athlete is to go higher, faster and stronger. As more research on sports and the physical sciences is being conducted, the role of proper nutrition is becoming more and more evident and emphasized. Gone are the days when the only thing athletes did was to train until their bodies gave out. Nowadays, a more holistic approach is employed, involving proper training, diet, adequate rest and recovery.

Tools for measuring the body and one’s performance have become so precise that literally every ounce is weighed and every inch noticed. Current athletes compete at such high levels that anyone wishing to be the next Venus Williams or be as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo, needs to be more conscious of all the aspects of their training - especially nutrition. But even for the recreational gym rat and weekend warrior, proper nutrition plays a big role.

One of the biggest problems

One of the biggest problems for a lot of people is obesity. What they do not realize though is that obesity is not only linked to the amount of food consumed but also the type of food consumed. Certain foods, such as junk food, fast food, and other heavily processed foods contribute to excess calories but provide less nutrients than healthier foods. Coupled with inactivity, these cause us to become overweight.

Fueled performance

This is why as an athlete and trainer, Elena, 28, makes it a point to remind her students to be more aware of what they take in. Food is literally what fuels performance. And just like a well-tuned automobile, the better the fuel, the faster the ride.

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