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Quality is essential

Consumers around the globe are becoming more aware of food quality and safety issues. More focus is now given to Quality, Reliability, Traceability and Sustainability. We at DSM recognize this as we strive to be the undisputed leader in these areas.
Senior man shopping for vitamins

We are the world's largest supplier of vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes and other active ingredients for food, beverage, dietary supplements, feed, pharmaceuticals, and personal care industries. Our products serve a wide variety of needs in human nutrition, health, and pharmaceuticals.

Regaining our customer’s trust

In recent years, a number of cases involving the contamination and adulteration of food have undermined consumer confidence in the food and pharmaceutical markets. We believe that the way to regain consumers’ trust is to ensure Quality, Reliability, Traceability and Sustainability at all times. This is the assurance we, at DSM, provide.

Services at speed with precision

Thanks to our advanced automated process and material management systems, we are able to precisely and rapidly track all our products within the supply chain and maintain the required information and documentation.

Safety controls and standards

Our strict safety controls and standards are the benchmark of the industry. Applying globally recognized Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to our operations around the globe means that every part of the process - from sourcing through quality assurance, production and storage to delivery is managed to ensure exacting levels of process and product safety.

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