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DSM shapes brighter future with innovative ingredients and solutions

Shanghai, CN, 25 Mar 2014 18:00 CET

At this year’s FIC, DSM (1A73/1B72) will proudly showcase how innovative ingredients and solutions have major benefits for the health and wellbeing of consumers in China as well as for food manufacturers.

With novel ingredients, brand new premix solutions and services for beverages, baking, food & dairy, dietary supplements, confectionary and infant nutrition, DSM will demonstrate that innovative solutions will bring people a healthier life and brighter future.

The remarkable economic growth in China has resulted in higher demand for a more diverse range and higher quality of food, as well as the growth of away–from–home food consumption. DSM addresses these growing trends, engages to understand customers’ needs and provides the right solution and individualized service for sustained growth. At the same time, an increasing number of people in China are becoming more health-conscious and demand safe and quality products. DSM’s own consumer insights series from 2013 revealed that 72% of Chinese consumers surveyed had a preference  for an instant, fresh and natural taste – a higher percentage than any of the other countries surveyed. And 85% of Chinese shoppers check product labels – in particular for additives. Ease of use combined with great taste are the key reasons Chinese respondents would buy a product for the second time.

Meeting the increasing demands on food in China, DSM is continually investigating creative ways to streamline processing and prevent waste, while offering functional health, taste, texture and quality benefits to end consumer products and reducing costs for manufacturers - even as far back in the value chain as the farmer’s crop protection.

In addition, DSM’s Quality for Life™ commitment to quality, traceability, reliability and sustainability carries right across its extended portfolio. “Exceptionally high quality standards in science, performance, production, distribution and marketing across all regional operations are what make DSM a global partner for the leading food manufacturers of China.” said Leo Xie, Vice President of DSM Nutritional Products, Human Nutrition and Health in China, “With DSM as a partner, food manufacturers can deliver affordable, healthy and safe products with a natural ingredient declaration.”

Extensive innovative food ingredients support a brighter future

DSM closely follows the trend of health and wellbeing, sparing no effort to preserve and enhance food taste in a natural and healthy way, which is for instance reflected in our dairy and savory ingredient offerings. DSM’s fermentation-produced lactase enables people with lactose intolerance or digestion issues to enjoy the benefits of dairy. The latest result of its long-standing efforts is Maxilact® LGi and LAGX – the lactase that guarantees the longest lasting pure taste of the dairy product and consistent delivery on consumers’ recipes.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of DSM leading the lactase market. It was the first company to launch a solution for low lactose dairy products, such as milk, ice-cream, whey drinks and yogurt. “With 50-years-expertise in this market, we are able to support Chinese consumers’ brighter future with innovative dairy solutions.” said Petra Mehrtens, DSM Regional Sales Manager - Food & Dairy Enzyme Solutions.

Other solutions include DSM’s unique cultures toolkit for the dairy industry to help manufacturers create the desired texture, surface and flavor characteristics of their yoghurt products as well as getting more yield out of the milk they use. The chocolate yoghurt developed by our Delvo® Fresh Sensation cultures, is a perfect combination of yoghurt and chocolate.

DSM has also captured a unique position in the market with a portfolio of yeast extracts and process flavors for authentic, natural taste intensity for savory products. Multirome™, our yeast extract innovation, delivers the optimal combination of rich indulgent savory, umami taste and taste intensity in one powerful product.  It saves up to 50% on cost, and can achieve up to 30% salt reduction and 81% lower carbon footprint than basic yeast extract.

And for the baking industry, DSM presents BakeZyme® HDB and SHC, the innovative enzyme solutions designed for fine baking & traditional steam bun applications. BakeZyme HDB gives an easy approach to reduce SMS in hard dough base fine baking applications while improving texture and taste in final baking goods. BakeZyme SHC is an outstanding solution for diverse local specialty- steam buns with excellent dough handling characteristics and constant quality for premium steam buns.

Last but not least, Delvo®Cid+, the fastest and the most effective natamycin defense against mold, represents a breakthrough in natamycin technology. It works against all known yeasts and molds for a wide variety of foods and beverages – with no compromise on the look, taste or smell of the product. It is part of DSM’s extensive portfolio of preservation solutions developed to offer manufacturers safety, quality and reliability.

Total nutrition solutions speed your success

At DSM, our nutritional solutions enable brand owners to target many health concerns of today’s consumer. Brain Health, especially Children’s cognition function and memory are a top concern for many parents. Increased dietary intake of algal DHA in school –aged children with low reading levels demonstrated significant improvements in reading performance and behavior according to a new clinical study1. More and more people are suffering from cardiovascular disease; heart health is one of the biggest health concerns worldwide. It is well accepted that nutritional ingredients help maintain heart health enabling consumers to continue their lifestyle as they grow older. DSM offers a broad portfolio of innovative, high quality nutrients for heart health, backed by solid evidence, including ingredients with a long history of clinical research and well known by consumers.

  • DSM’s MEG-3®, sustainable, pure and trusted fish source of EPA/DHA omega-3.
  • OatWell® - oat beta-glucan has clinically proven health benefits in the areas of cholesterol reduction, blood glucose control and general digestive health. The European Commission has approved several pioneering Article 13 and 14 health claims for the use of OatWell beta-glucans in these areas.
  • Fruitflow® is now available in a dry powder, derived from tomato extract. It is effective at a concentrated addition rate of 150mg. Opening the route to supplement products including soft gels, capsules, tablets and stick packs, as well as food and beverage products, it allows manufacturers to target a broader consumer base. Fruitflow carries an approved EU health claim for maintaining healthy blood circulation and has GRAS status in the US.

For the first time at FIC, visitors can also learn more about Fortitech® Premixes by DSM. Fortitech custom blends can provide optimal nutrition in a single, efficient homogenous premix. Visitors to our booth will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of samples that have been developed to provide on-the-go nutrition which includes fortified gummies, biscuits, chocolate and powder drink, attendees will see how to fortify any application with any nutrient, anywhere in the world.