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DSM to present on vitamin E at III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition

Kaiseraugst, CH, 05 Nov 2014 10:00 CET

III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 9-12 November 2014

DSM welcomes visitors to the satellite symposium on ‘Vitamin E – new emerging data, the way forward’, at the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition on 11 November at 17:00-19:00. The objective of the symposium is to portray the proven biological function of vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant and to review the current data on vitamin E intake and status worldwide. The symposium will also address the dual role of vitamin E in essentiality and beyond, for example, the impact of vitamin E in combating fatty liver disease. This supports some of the Hot-Topics of the Congress, including ‘Body composition, obesity and growth’ as well as ‘Nutrition education'.

Experts presenting during the symposium will draw attention to deficiency levels, as well as address the role of vitamin E for public health, focusing on how it can contribute to reducing the impact of certain health risks, such as fatty liver disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Speakers include:

  • Professor Manfred Eggersdorfer, Senior Vice President Nutrition Science & Advocacy, DSM and Professor for Healthy Ageing at Groningen University ‘Vitamin E – is status more important than intake?’
  • Keith West, Professor of Infant and Child Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ‘Frontiers in assessing vitamin E deficiency and its public health consequence in South Asia’
  • Peter Weber, Corporate Scientist Human Nutrition, DSM and Professor at University Hohenheim ‘A dual role for vitamin E - essentiality and beyond’
  • Peter Szabolcs, Clinical Trial Manager, DSM ‘Vitamin E in risk reduction for fatty liver disease’
  • Maurice W. Dysken, Minneapolis VA Health Care System ‘Vitamin E in delaying the progression of Alzheimer Disease’

The presentations, which will include reference to a number of recent studies and clinical trials, will be followed by a panel discussion.

DSM is currently engaging with a number of scientific experts in the field of vitamin E to address the need for further research. Through open communication, the symposium will demonstrate that nutrition-related solutions can play a vital role in tackling a number of global health concerns.

View DSM’s whitepaper on ‘Vitamin E and the latest science’ and its latest paper ‘Vitamin E and multivitamin supplementation’.