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Employee testimonials

See how our colleagues are contributing to our Quality for LifeTM goals.
Picture of Stephan Heck

Stephan Heck

Director Quality Management, DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland

“Quality is an attitude and an integral part of everything we do. We’re continually building on the robustness and superiority of our systems and processes. We are the market leader – and we intend to stay that way.”

Picture of Rob Beudeker

Rob Beudeker

Vice President, Innovation, DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland

“The quality of new products and innovative product forms are central to our groundbreaking innovation program. We recently developed a new form of vitamin A that can be blended directly with sugar, with no need for oil. This now makes it much easier to fortify sugar with vitamin A, which is particularly relevant in developing countries.”

Picture of Pat Griffin

Pat Griffin

Director, Quality Assurance Site Systems, DSM Pharmaceutical Products, USA

“Quality for Life™ provides us with a common viewpoint, both internally and externally, to see and show the value of what we do. It also shows the synergy of our businesses and unity to our common customers. Quality for Life™ is a great way to connect our business and philosophy.”

Picture of Xiaoli Chen

Xiaoli Chen

Plant Manager Shanghai, DSM Food Specialties, China

“At the Shanghai Xinghuo production plant, strict systems eliminate batch or ingredient confusion, cross contamination and microbiological contamination. All plant operations conform to our safety, health and environment (SHE) requirements, best practices and other relevant laws and regulations.”

Picture of Swee-Tiam Loh

Swee-Tiam Loh

Account Manager, Dairy Enzyme Solutions, DSM Food Specialties, Japan

“As an Account Manager I know the high expectations our customers have of us. My role is to align with quality assurance, production and logistics to ensure customers’ expectations are met and even exceeded. Out on the road, I educate customers about global trends and how our solutions can benefit safety, health and the planet. By sharing our expertise we can add real value to our customers’ daily activities and future success. I also relay customer feedback to our quality assurance and production teams, which help us continually improve standards and meet expectations.”

Picture of Ben Rutten

Ben Rutten

Buyer, DSM Food Specialties, the Netherlands

“Traditionally, purchasing is focused on cutting prices; however, products of inferior quality can bring far greater costs to an organization. It is our mission to provide the best possible raw materials that are fair, both socially and in terms of quality. We also assure supply security by maintaining excellent supplier relationships.”

Picture of Marc Lambrecht

Marc Lambrecht

Head, Global Distribution Centre, DSM Nutritional Products, the Netherlands

“Our physical distribution network is state of the art. It ensures seamless physical, documentary and information flow processes to meet our high demands in terms of quality, SHE and security.”

Picture of Vincent Jallier

Vincent Jallier

Head of Quality, DSM Nutritional Products, France

“Many people work behind the scenes to deliver a safe product. We supply securely packaged, correctly labeled products that comply with legal requirements and agreed specifications. Our stringent systems deliver absolute safety, homogeneity and stability.”

Picture of Fokko Wientjes

Fokko Wientjes

Director Corporate Sustainability, Royal DSM N.V., the Netherlands

“Quality for Life™ creates opportunities out of sustainability challenges. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint, while developing innovative ‘Eco+’ products that impact positively on the environment.”

Picture of Priyadarshini Muley-Lotankar

Priyadarshini Muley-Lotankar

Program Manager, Nutrition Improvement Program, DSM Nutritional Products, India

“Through our pledge to people, planet and profit, we support societal causes across the world. I manage the Nutrition Improvement Program in South Asia, which champions the global fight against micronutrient deficiencies through food fortification initiatives.”

Picture of Kevin Thaw

Kevin Thaw

Environmental Specialist, Manufacturing, DSM Nutritional Products, Scotland

“It’s my job to advise the company on how to achieve the highest environmental standards across all aspects of manufacturing. I work with colleagues on-site to improve our environmental performance, ensuring that we reduce our overall carbon footprint. This benefits all our stakeholders.”

Picture of Alexander Wessels

Alexander Wessels

President and CEO, DSM Pharmaceutical Products, USA

“As the pharmaceutical industry continues to become more international and global supply chains expand, the safety and traceability of ingredients and finished drugs, as well as the sustainability of these supply chains, become of paramount importance. The DSM Quality for Life™ seal is at the heart of what we do in demonstrating our systematic quality program. DSM is here to protect and reward our valued customers with the Quality for Life™ guarantee, superior to any commitment in industry.”

Picture of Onno de-Vreede

Onno de-Vreede

Program Manager, Continuous Improvement and Sustainability, DSM Food Specialties, the Netherlands

“Deeply anchored within our business, DSM’s sustainability strategy addresses some of the world’s most pressing issues. To quote our CEO, Feike Sijbesma, ‘we cannot be successful, nor can we call ourselves successful, in a society that fails.’ We’re committed to delivering value to all our stakeholders in a sustainable, transparent manner.”