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Tangible examples

Code of Conduct

Global Supplier Sustainability Program

In order to be proactive and to meet customer’s expectations, DSM collaboratively requests its local and global suppliers to adhere the DSM Supplier Cod of Conduct to make sure that they meet our minimum requirements. This Code of Conduct aims to achieve the highest quality standards as well as to align with the DSM’s eco-footprint reduction sustainability strategy and Triple P approach. Customers benefit from this as we assist in reducing their supply chain environmental footprint. These efforts and achievements highlight our commitment to our role in environmental sustainability and customer orientation.

Latin America

SHARP project in Latin America

Proving our commitment to serve our customers every day better and reemphasize our commitment to reliability, DSM developed the Sharp Operational Excellence Project , starting in Latin America and to be rolled out to all regions. It is to respond to customers’ feedback and to meet the increasing demand of flexibility and speed the market is asking for. The project assess processes, systems, people, procedures and information flow in order to implement improvements in our operations across all departments for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

Carbon Trust logo

Dalry Carbon Trust recertification

The topic of sustainability has become more and more crucial not only for DSM but also for our customers. DSM is proud to have achieved again the Carbon Trust Standard for its Vitamin C manufacturing plant in Dalry, UK. The site passed this rigorous, independent assessment by a comfortable margin and exceeded the minimum requirement of 2.5% per annum on our carbon emissions. This reflects DSM’s core value of Sustainability and our commitment to our customers to do always better without impacting negatively  the environment.

Woman with headset

Batch track & trace, 24hr hotline

Proving our ability and commitment to be top of mind reliable partner for our customers, DSM implemented in 2010 a 24-hour track and trace team. This team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to implement product tracking. DSM will furthermore provide assistance that in the unlikely event that we need to recall a product, we can do so in an immediate and efficient manner, ensuring minimal disruption to our customers.

DJSI logo

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

DSM has consistently topped the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the global chemical industry since 2003 – a strong external recognition of our corporate sustainability commitment, which is important to long-term investors. Launched in 1999, the DJS Indices are the most important global indices tracking the performance of sustainability-driven companies worldwide. This recognition adds value to our customers’ sustainability proposition to consumers. More>

Close up of cooked rice kernels


Rice is a major staple food for millions, providing more than a fifth of the world’s food calories. Adding essential vitamins and minerals to it helps reduce hidden hunger and improve health among rice consumers. NutriRice® is recomposed vitamin-and-mineral-enriched rice kernels formed by a process that protects the micronutrients during washing and cooking. Rice fortification can effectively and affordably improve the nutritional status of whole populations. Website>

Young boy, arms aloft, standing in front of a row of wind turbines

Environmental targets

DSM achieved all of its environmental targets for 2010, including significant reductions in dust, N20 and COD emissions and landfilling of waste. DSM is constantly becoming more environmentally friendly and continuously pushing ways to minimize environmental impact. Customers benefit from this as we reduce their supply chain environmental footprint. These efforts and achievements highlight our commitment to our role in environmental sustainability.

Nutri-Facts logo

Nutri-Facts website

Media reporting often carries polarizing messages on micronutrients. DSM’s NUTRI-FACTS website brings up-to-date, science-based information on the health impacts, requirements and safety of micronutrients to the public, providing non-commercial, balanced scientific information to consumers and customers alike. The initiative is supported by an external Scientific Advisory Board of international nutrition experts and is available in multiple languages. More>

Seated man with head turned to smile at camera

Advanced Planning Optimization

DSM’s SAP Advanced Planning Optimization (APO) design enables improved supply reliability, allowing global inventory and demand visibility in one system. This leads to improved planning, enabling DSM to meet customer commitments, and allows supplier-customer collaboration that directly results in improved customer service reliability. Outcomes include a robust and reliable supply chain with increased supply transparency and responsiveness.

PMDA logo

PMDA Japan

GMP certification for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacture is essential to do business in the pharmaceutical market. Customers who produce and market prescription medicine can only source materials from approved API suppliers. DSM’s production sites were inspected by the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) and fully approved, reassuring customers of high quality that satisfy the strictest Japanese standards.

MixMe™ logo


Sustainability (both environmental and societal) is a key focus area of DSM’s Quality for Life™. MixMe™ provides ready-to-use vitamin-mineral mixes in sachets that can be distributed to, and easily used by, people in need. Consumers of MixMe™ receive the highest quality micronutrients, in a scientifically effective formulation, with high stability and integrity to ensure the maximum possible health impact. This initiative reaffirms our sustainability focus. More>

Quality for Life logo

Customer events Latin America

Promotion and communication are essential to maximize market awareness of DSM’s leadership in Quality, Reliability, Traceability and Sustainability, the pillars of DSM’s Quality for Life™ philosophy. Customer events like those in Latin America allow DSM to emphasize the importance placed on high quality standards for the safest solutions for our consumers. Customers experienced DSM’s conviction on Quality for Life™ and reinforced their trust in DSM and its products.

DSM’s Quality is Essential logo

Quality is Essential Initiative

DSM’s Quality is Essential (QiE) initiative seeks to raise awareness on quality as a critical driver for effective food fortification, so as to establish the scientific and technical rationale for choosing the best-value food-vehicles, ingredients, micronutrient premixes and other program components. This is achieved through collaboration and consensus among public, private and development partners. QiE reaffirms our commitment to sustainability. More>

DSM’s Xinghou facility in China

Xinghuo QC hub

DSM’s Xinghou facility in China performs stringent quality control on strategic raw materials used to produce ingredients and premixes. Ingredients and their suppliers have to meet strict quality requirements, then are subject to further quality controls prior to use in China and abroad. Through this, external expectations are in line with internal quality strategies. We give peace of mind to our customers by improving confidence in product safety and traceability.