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What’s in your food?

We depend increasingly on shops rather than kitchen gardens for our food. More and more people are living busy lives in cities, with little time for the preparation of fresh food. Demand for food products which require little or no preparation is growing strongly, and processed food products are now extremely popular.
Three boys sitting side by side with lunch boxes in their laps

We use processed foods all the time. These include our breakfast cereals and orange juice, our lunchtime soup, the cereal bar that we eat in the afternoon and the pasta sauce that we use for our evening meal.

Most of these foods and beverages contain ingredients which make the products more convenient to use. They make the products easier to purchase, store and prepare; but they also make them tastier and healthier.

Food and beverage ingredients cover the following types of product:


DSM is a leading-edge developer and producer of ingredients for foods, beverages, dietary supplements and personal care products. Our ingredients play a key role in many of your favorite food and beverage brands. You won’t find our name on the packages, but our ingredients are in many of the products in your kitchen cupboard.

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